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We are a direct link to your environmentally conscious target audience. These are people who care about making the world a better place and will back organisations whose heart is truly in it. 

How you can connect with our tribe

We offer a few different ways of connecting with our tribe, including sponsorship, sponsored post, advertisement, or affiliate link. 
These may be placed by section on the website (including Leaders, Films, Books, Events, Jobs, Places, Best Of) or as part of a package (which can include the podcast.)
You can contact Phil Stubbs directly via the form below. He can work with you to find the best solution for your needs. 

Our Approach to promotions

We want to build trust with our smart, discerning audience. Running quality stories using an independent voice is key. We think promotions can still have a place as well provided it’s done in a balanced, sensible, transparent way. Here’s how we approach it: 
– we endeavour to identify any sponsorship, sponsored post, ad, or affiliate link for what it is
– we only promote products or services we believe will provide real value for our listeners, readers and viewers
– we aim to only work with organisations whose values align with ours 
– we only run a limited number of promotions 

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To find out more, you’re welcome to speak with the producer Phil Stubbs directly via this form. 


The Environment Show covers environmental issues, innovations, best practice, leaders, heroes, jobs, places, events, books and films.

We look at the big picture and key issues, the common sense solutions to our environmental problems, and the unusual stories which remind us of our brilliant connection with the real world - nature.

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