On this page, you’ll find info on how to contribute to The Environment Show. Firstly how to contribute a story. Then, if you scroll further down the page, you’ll find how you can contribute other skills.


Contribute a Story

Got a story you think would work well on The Environment Show? Email your pitch to phil@theenvironmentshow.com


Please include a brief outline of:
1. What (or who) your story idea is about.
2. How you’ll do it – what format it’ll be (audio, video, text, pics), how long it’ll be, and if possible where you’ll get the information for it.
3. Who you are. Include a link to your profile (e.g. on Linkedin) and if possible links to other posts and stories you’ve written.
4. Why the story is a good fit for The Environment Show.
Your answers can be short – a few lines each.
You can attach low-resolution images to go with your story idea. (Make sure you have permission to use the photos, name who created them, and make clear who’s in the photos.)


What you need to know before pitching your story
Before you spend time writing your pitch, it’s important to get a handle on what we do – to make sure your idea will work for both of us. Check out our posts and podcasts. Below also is an outline of the types of stories we run. To get the latest on what we’re up to, we recommend you subscribe to our email newsletter.
If your work is accepted, we may edit or tweak it to fit with Environment Show standards. Final editorial approval rests with The Environment Show.
The Environment Show runs on a passion for the environment, so, unfortunately, we can’t pay for submissions. However, there are some things we can do for you which are outlined further below.
If there’s a conflict of interest in your piece, you need to let us know. It may be that we just need to disclose it in the work – if we get to publishing. Or it could be a deal breaker. (See below.)


What we don’t publish
We generally don’t publish outright advocacy as editorial – whether for a product, service, campaign or project.
We do run occasional ads, sponsorships, sponsored posts and promotions. But we endeavour to identify them as such, we don’t overdo it, and we do our best to only promote things we believe in. It’s important that the values of your organisation align with ours.
Find out how to promote your product, service, project, campaign or cause on our ‘Advertise‘ page.


Our approach and audience
We tend to take a big-picture approach to the environment. We’re most keen on ideas that have the potential for big impact or have broad appeal to a wide audience. We typically don’t get involved in local environmental stoushes.
We like to publish stories that are relevant, as much as possible, to an international audience (though we do have a slight skew to native English speaking countries – like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.)


The types of stories we publish
Here are the major categories of environmental stories we run with: Leaders, Films, Books, Events, Quotes, and Best Ofs. Coming later is Places, Jobs, and Opinion. If your idea fits one of these, check out that section on our site to see how we roll.
If you have a passion for a particular topic field to do with the environment and sustainability, also check out the ‘Topics’ tab at the top of this page. If you hover over it with your mouse you’ll get a drop-down list of topics – so you can spot your favourite topic and see the stories we’ve done on it so far.


Book and film reviews
Reviews of books or films can be a great place to start if you want to contribute to The Environment Show. We like to recommend significant books or films. They can be classic or newly released. Maybe you’ve seen or read something our audience should know about?


Formats of content
Our goal is to bring The Environment Show to life using a range of media formats – text, photos, audio and video. You’re welcome to put a submission in any or a mix of these formats.
A straight text story is completely ok, though we’d love it if you can add a good, original photo to go with it. You need to have permission to use the photo and let us know the source of your pic. We also like for you to cite the sources of your information and link out from the text (to back up and extend your story.)


Visual content
We’re keen to make The Environment Show more visual and work with contributors producing visual content. If you can add videos, photos, photo essays, infographics, or maps, get in touch. We’d love to see what you can do!


Cross posting from your blog
We’re open to working with other environmental bloggers and cross-posting content. We can help you reach a wider audience via our social media, email and other channels. The most important thing is that the submitted content and blog fits with our ethos and approach.


We’re a fledgling media outfit run on a passion for the environment and sustainability. So, unfortunately, we can’t pay you. However, we can give you credit for your work that we publish, as well as all the love we can.
That includes a link from the Environment Show site to your own blog or website and a mention in our social media. If you do more than two stories we can include you on our upcoming ‘Contributors’ page and provide a great character reference to help you go the next step in your career.


Contribute Skills

We’re also on the lookout for people with the following kinds of skills:
Managing Editor
Book Editor
Film Editor
Events Editor
Jobs Editor
Graphic Designer
Photo Manager (also managing Instagram and Pinterest)
Content Distribution Manager
Video Producer (also managing YouTube and Vimeo)
Audio Producer (also managing iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Podcasts)
Social Media Manager (including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin)
Publicity Manager
Advertising & Sponsorship Manager
If you’re interested in working with us, send an email to phil@theenvironmentshow.com answering:
a. What role you’re interested in.
b. Who you are. Include a link to your profile (e.g. on Linkedin) and relevant work you’ve done.
c. Why you’re a good fit for The Environment Show.
d. How much time you can commit.
Brief answers are welcome!
These are all unpaid positions. However we will provide experience and whatever we can to help you with your career progression e.g. references, shoutouts on social media, and links. If it becomes more than a few times you’ve helped, we can include your name and role on our upcoming Contributors page. (See also our spiel on Payola above.)


Other ways to contribute

If you want to help by simply chipping in some dollars, we’d be eternally grateful. You can do that via our Donation page.
If you want to connect your product, service, project or campaign with our audience, check out our Advertising page.
Our goal is to help take sustainability from the fringes to the mainstream. Your contribution can help make it happen.
If our mission resonates, you like what we’re doing, you’re ok with our conditions and you’re still keen to contribute (skills or a story), I look forward to hearing from you!
Phil Stubbs
Founder, The Environment Show

ps. If you have queries about any of the above you can get in touch via our Contact page.


The Environment Show covers environmental issues, innovations, best practice, leaders, heroes, jobs, places, events, books and films.

We look at the big picture and key issues, the common sense solutions to our environmental problems, and the unusual stories which remind us of our brilliant connection with the real world - nature.

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