Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support your work?

If you like what we’re doing, we’d really appreciate your help.

A little thing you can do that’d help us a lot is to donate. The Environment Show largely runs on passion, but financial assistance definitely helps us keep the wheels turning. You can donate safely via PayPal:


We’re also open to sponsorship and advertising with the right brands. More info on our Advertise page.

You can contribute skills, expertise or a story to The Environment Show. See our Contribute page.


And then there are these little things that are quick, easy and free:

(a) Follow us on social media and spread the word – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, & Pinterest.

(b) Subscribe to our stories by email.

(c) Listen and subscribe to our audio on iTunes and Soundcloud.

(d) Write a review of our podcast on iTunes.

(e) Give us feedback on our stories in the Comments on posts.


Thanks for your support! Any of the above will help us with our mission – of making sustainability mainstream. Donations and sponsorships help us keep going and stay financially sustainable.

More information on our Support page.

Can I promote my product, service or cause with you?

If it’s the right fit, yes. Find out more via our ‘Advertise’ page.

How come you run ads and promotions?

The Environment Show is largely a labour of love. But we also have running costs. Plus we’re keen to make the Show better and have more impact.

It’s a big goal to take sustainability from the fringes to the mainstream. An income gives us the financial stability to help make it happen. We want to work with advertisers who share our vision.

More via our Advertise page.

Who runs the Environment Show?

At the moment just me, Phil Stubbs

Why are you doing this?

All the Earth’s systems are under stress from humans right now. (It’s not just climate change we need to worry about.)

The solutions are at hand. My goal is to help take sustainability from the fringes to the mainstream. We owe it to the next generation.

Read more of the thinking behind The Environment Show.

Where are you based?

A big city on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean – Sydney.

(We may be DownUnder however our outlook is global.)

Our office & studio is located on Aboriginal land – the Gadigal clan of the Eora Nation.

Where can I find your stories?

One of the best ways to catch our stories is by subscribing to our email. We can come directly to your inbox. Subscribe here.

You’ll also find our stories coming through your social media newsfeed if you follow us on: Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or Linkedin.

Love audio? You can listen to our podcasts on Soundcloud. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there. (We’d love it if you wrote us a review on iTunes.) You can also listen to our podcasts on this website.

Can I work with you or get experience working with you?

Possibly yes. We are looking for talented, committed folk to work with us. To find out how you can do it, please check out our ‘Contribute’ page.

Can you help me with my own blog?

Yes! If you’re in Australia, specifically Sydney, you’re welcome to attend my public Blogging Course. I try to keep it reasonably priced and run it once every 3 months in my training studio near the beach.

If you’d like me to come to your workplace or your city, you’re welcome to get in touch for a quote. I’m based in Sydney but can travel to most Australian cities (and NZ!) 

Will the blogging course be online? Yes, but later, later. (Much to do before then.)

Can you help me start my own podcast?

Yes! I run intensive training for beginners on how to start a podcast. It’s available internationally as an online course – taught in real-time using Zoom video streaming. It’s also available as a live face-to-face course if you’re in Australia. I run it as a public course every few months. It’s also available as a dedicated course for your organisation or business if you have 5 or more people.

Find out about my Podcasting Training.

Can you speak at my event?

In some cases. I do accept a limited number of paid speaking engagements. Please get in touch via the Contact page for a quote. (The cost depends on the size and nature of the event.)

How can I meet like-minded green people?

We recommend Green Drinks for live meetups in cities around the world.

There are all sorts of green groups online as well. You’re welcome to join The Environment Show social group on Facebook.

If you’re working in the communications industry, you can join a professional community of green-thinking media people online at Green Communicators.

If you’re in Sydney, come to a Green Film Club evening. This is a live event. (I should be there!)

It’s really worthwhile to hook up with your tribe. There are smart, environmentally minded people in many corners of society. You are not alone!

How can I contact you?

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? You can get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Whilst I do my best to answer every email, sometimes I don’t get to all of them – as I’m juggling a number of projects. Sometimes the answer is already in the FAQs and info here on the website. (So best to have a look first before sending a message.)

All that said, I’ll do my best to help if I can!




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We look at the big picture and key issues, the common sense solutions to our environmental problems, and the unusual stories which remind us of our brilliant connection with the real world - nature.

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