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Environmental films are important. They show what’s really happening on the planet right now. Not just the crucial issues, but the inspiring sustainability solutions the world needs to know about. The Environment Show does film reviews, interviews with directors, and roundups of the best environmental documentaries & movies.

The Blaze french film eco thriller

Film Review: ‘The Blaze’

During last summer’s devastating European heatwave, which saw the continent subjected to record-breaking temperatures, France came off particularly badly, with an unprecedented number of wildfires destroying some 62,000 hectares of land in l’Hexagone.…

Dark Waters film review movie

Film Review: ‘Dark Waters’

Todd Haynes’ ominously titled Dark Waters was released just a few short months before the world went into lockdown on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. With its focus on the drastic effects…

I Am Greta film review documentary

Film Review: ‘I Am Greta’

‘I Am Greta’ is a new documentary about Greta Thunberg. It follows her story from her first solitary strike outside the Swedish parliament, invitations to speak at major centres of power in…

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Seen an environmental film you think people should know about? You can contribute a film review to The Environment Show. We like to recommend significant green films. They can be classic or newly released. To find out how to do it please read our ‘Contribute‘ page.

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