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Phil Stubbs environmental journalist, blogger, podcaster

Some years back I started doing environmental current affairs stories for Radio 2SER. (Sydney Educational Radio which broadcasts out of the University of Technology Sydney.) I then produced a half-hour program called The Environment Show for the station.
Since then The Environment Show has become its own environmental podcast and blog – with selected stories now going to air on 2SER’s magazine program The Daily.
I live near the ocean in Sydney. My work keeps me in the city, but I’m really most at home when I’m off into the wild.
As well as radio and audio work, I have over 20 years experience in the media. I’ve worked as a corporate communication strategist, writer, producer, and university media lecturer. I’ve done a stint as a communication manager for outdoor education organisation Outward Bound. And in younger days and in my spare time, I’ve been a DJ, film and music reviewer, surf instructor and outdoor guide.
My interest in the environment goes back a long way. I’ve felt a connection to the natural world for as long as I can remember. It’s great to see it getting more attention in the media, but there’s plenty more to do to help people re-connect with the ‘real world’ – nature. I believe deep down we all sense that bond with nature, and the more we realise it the less likely we’ll be to trash the joint.
It’s also clear many of the answers to our current environmental challenges are just common sense and are staring us in the face. On The Environment Show we’ll be unearthing them and presenting them in ways that are easy for people to understand, so they become mainstream ideas rather than fringe ones.
Phil Stubbs
Other Environmental Projects
I’m convenor of Green Communicators, an international group of media professionals concerned about the environment or working directly promoting sustainability. (You’re welcome to join our group on Linkedin.)
I also run the Green Film Club. We get together to see the world’s best environmental films. (If you’re in Sydney, come to a screening. Details on Meetup.)
Livable streets are one of my passions too. Locally I’ve been campaigning to make our street greener, safer and more human. More at Clovelly Road East Village on Facebook.
Digital Media Training
I run digital media training in Australia – including a blogging course, podcasting course and social media course – offered as public classes and in-house corporate training.
I like to help people working in the environmental and social change space – entrepreneurs and non-profits. (You’re welcome to message me if you think I can help.) More at Media School.
Special thanks to my wife Lisa for teaching me what love is. Lisa is my number one supporter on this and the even bigger project of life. And to the Stubbs family: my brother Matt for helping me get over I.T. hurdles, my sister Jen for her spirited support, my Dad for introducing me to the ocean which I love so much, and my Mum for showing me the beauty of nature and the importance of making the most of every day on this Earth.
Photo credit
The photo of me above was taken by my son Archie. His first go ever using a camera. Not bad for a 3-year-old hey? (Mind you, I did have to kneel down to get in the shot.) We were on a walk in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney. Royal was the second place in the world to be designated as a national park, and the first in Australia.
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The Environment Show covers environmental issues, innovations, best practice, leaders, heroes, jobs, places, events, books and films.

We look at the big picture and key issues, the common sense solutions to our environmental problems, and the unusual stories which remind us of our brilliant connection with the real world - nature.

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