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Environmental quotes can simply and powerfully communicate the challenges we face with the environment. And the possibility of a better world that sustainability can bring. In this section you’ll find the best quotes about the environment and sustainability from world environmental leaders.
Dan Raven-Ellison quotes

Dan Raven-Ellison quotes

A collection of the best quotes by the UK’s guerilla geographer Dan Raven-Ellison.  Dan Raven-Ellison loves every bit of the environment – even the urban parts.  He’s constantly inventing new ways to…

best David Attenborough quotes

David Attenborough quotes

We’ve pulled together the best David Attenborough quotes about environmental issues such as climate change, conservation, population and sustainability. And of course, quotes about nature and animals.  In his older age, Attenborough…
Jan Gehl quotes city planning

Jan Gehl quotes

Jan Gehl’s ideas have influenced many cities of the world in how they think about their streets and public spaces. In fact, he’s studied and worked with over 70 cities in his…

best Greta Thunberg quotes

Greta Thunberg quotes

In this post, we’ve gathered the best Greta Thunberg quotes. This is the most in-depth compilation of Greta’s quotes you’ll find on the internet. Greta tells like it is. Clearly, bluntly, with…

best Paul Hawken quotes

Paul Hawken quotes

Here in one place is the best Paul Hawken quotes. Paul Hawken is one of the environmental movement’s biggest thinkers.  His classic books ‘The Ecology of Commerce’ and ‘Natural Capitalism’ helped us…
Michael Reynolds quotes

Michael Reynolds quotes

We’ve put together the best Michael Reynolds quotes about sustainability and sustainable architecture. Michael Reynolds was the focus of the award-winning film ‘Garbage Warrior‘ – a documentary about his 40 year struggle…

best Jane Goodall quotes

Jane Goodall quotes

In this post, we’ve put together the best Jane Goodall quotes. Jane has been a tireless ambassador for the natural world for many decades. She’s had some important things to say about…

Janette Sadik-Khan quotes

Janette Sadik-Khan quotes

“If you can change the street, you can change the world.”  In this post, we’ve put together the best Janette Sadik-Khan quotes. Janette Sadik-Khan was Transport Commissioner for New York City. In…

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