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Why support us 

Every generation has had its challenge. For the people of the 20th Century, it was two World Wars. For us, in the 21st Century, it’s to live sustainably on this Earth.

The scale of the environmental problems caused by humans is unprecedented. All of the Earth’s systems are in trouble right now. It’s not just climate change. 

At the same time solutions do exist. And those solutions will not only fix the problems, but they will also improve the quality of life for us and generations to come.

How do we get people to see the real challenges and the answers that are within reach? Of course, the media can play a key role, but it’s hard to find a media channel that does it clearly, simply, in a way that people can relate to but at the same time is thoughtful and intelligent (without the hype.) 

That’s where the Environment Show comes in. We focus on the big picture and aim to inspire – with the most important environmental leaders, films, books, events, and ideas on the planet.

Our goal is to help take sustainability from the fringes to the mainstream. Your support can help make it happen. 

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    The Environment Show covers environmental issues, innovations, best practice, leaders, heroes, jobs, places, events, books and films.

    We look at the big picture and key issues, the common sense solutions to our environmental problems, and the unusual stories which remind us of our brilliant connection with the real world - nature.

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